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Captain Underpants Prank Kit


Description: WARNING: the following DreamWorks Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie Preposterous Prank Pack is intended for immature audiences only. Who needs traditional plastic doggie doo-doo when the Captain Underpants Preposterous Prank Pack contains moldable doggie doo-doo? This gaseous bag of gags also includes a prank pen that shoots water up to 15 feet, a Hypno ring that really lights up, and a pair of instant underpants to get you out of any stinky situation—just add water! Use the 3D Hypno ring on your siblings to try and get them to do your chores for you! Secretly squirt water at your friends with the prank pen! Mold the play doggie doo doo into hilarious poop shapes! Add water to the expanding block of underpants to unveil a hysterical pair of tighty-whities! With the Captain Underpants Preposterous Prank Pack, the gag-tastic fun never ends!

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Price: $7.49 Each

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