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Britto Disney Figurine Fantasia 75th Anniversary




Code ERB4046351


28 CM

Size: 28cm (H) x 18cm (W) x 14cm (L) Celebrating the 75th Anniversary for Walt Disney's animated classic film, Romero Britto brings the characters of Fantasia to a whole new dimension. Hyacinth Hippo, the stubborn black baby pegasus and of course sorcerer Mickey make a "pop art" splash. Since the 1940 release of the animated movie Fantasia, Disney fans have been captivated by the visual and musical spectacular that has entertained millions of people worldwide. Bring the memory of the iconic film to life with this impressive 75th Anniversary commemorative figurine - an eye-catching centerpiece from every angle, and a must-have for all Disney fans.

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Price: $90.99 Each

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