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Baby Born Pyjamas With Shoes



Who's that yawning? It has been a long and exciting day and BABY born® is exhausted. Sometimes she doesn't want to admit it and tries to get out of going to bed, but recently it has been going pretty well. Maybe her new pyjamas are the reason? They are so comfortable, she even seems keen to go to bed. The trousers of this one-piece have a Berta the duck print, while the turquoise top is covered with fun bathing prints. The yellow clogs with pins protect BABY born®'s little feet from the cold tiles on her way from the bathroom to her bed. And the sleeping mask is great for playing “Peekaboo” before going to sleep.

• Original clothing for the BABY born® branded doll
• Extends the play options, sparks the imagination and encourages creative role play

BABY born® Pyjama with clogs with pins and sleeping mask.

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Price: $14.99 Each

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