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Doctor Dreadful Zombies Snot Shot


Description: From the famously maniacal mind of Doctor Dreadful comes something truly terrible, truly disgusting and truly delicious: Snot Shots! Everything you need to assemble a gross-looking, but great-tasting candy snack is included in this set. Use the candy mix to create goopy snot, load it into the injector, attach the nose or ear nozzle and ooze it out, and serve it to your friends and family! The most daring will be happy they tried it, since this snot is 100% candy! For a gross but tasty treat, slam some Snot Shots!
• Snot Shots are the latest gross treats from the lab of Doctor Dreadful. In this set, kids can mix and make their own candy snot!
• Mix up some snot, and then squeeze it out of the ear or nose nozzle to gross out everyone around you!
• In case it’s snot enough, this set comes with two packages of candy mix, so you’ll have enough candy snot to snack on with your friends!
• Snot Shots are made for kids aged 5+. Small parts included. No batteries required.
• Includes: Nose Nozzle, Ear Nozzle, Injector Plunger and Shaft, Gear Base, Injector Cup and Disc, Stir Stick/ Scoop, 2 Packages of Candy Mix, Instructions

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Price: $19.99 Each

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