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Thomas & Friends Minis Motorized Raceway


Description: Thomas & Friends minis introduce motorized play for even more fun and excitement! It all starts when you send the included Thomas and James minis up the steep vertical lift. The minis climb up automatically as the motorized playset lifts them up for an action-packed, multi-track adventure! When the minis reach the top of the set, turn the switch to choose your track. The first track is the “water track” – sending your minis down the “waterfall” and right into a 360 degree loop! Next up is a free-fall drop track headed toward a broken piece of track. Swivel Cranky the Crane to swoop in and rescue your mini! As your mini picks up speed, it jumps over the gap and lands on the track ahead in thrilling daredevil fashion. The final track seems headed for nowhere… but have no fear, as your minis will simply roll off the edge, defying gravity and rolling upside down along the inverted sky track! Playset includes Thomas and James minis engines and works with all minis engines (sold separately and subject to availability).

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Price: $59.99 Each

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